A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words

A Rainy Day Paragraph 1

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A Rainy Day Paragraph in 100 words. (For class 6)

Sample Answer 1 (A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

A rainy day cools the weather with rainfalls and a cordial wind. It refreshes everyone by composing the environment vivid and bright and making a sigh of comfort from the burning heat. It is a blessing for trees, birds, animals, plants, and people during the summer, and it is essential for farmers as it helps in the growth of crops. Trees look so fresh, colorful, and refreshing after a shower, and many people like getting drenched in the rain. A rainy day uplifts the state of an individual. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to see a rainbow on the horizon on a rainy day.

Sample Answer 2 (A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

A Rainy Day Paragraph 6

A rainy day is a time while it rains heavily or in torrents continuously. Through this moment, the sky is dark and is capped with clouds. On a rainy day, it rains tremendously. Sometimes it happens very destructively. The cattle may be washed away, our properties may be destroyed, and the land may go underwater. All the crops may be washed away. The plants and trees may be uprooted. The poor people suffer much more than the rich ones during the rainy season. The suffering from the poor knows no bounds. So, a rainy day is not expected of all kinds of people.

Sample Answer 3 (A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

A day of enormous rainfall is a rainy day. A rainy day is not a happy day for all kinds of people; it is a curse for a poor man. One cannot go out of doors to perform one’s duty. So, they suffer the most. After all, none can go to us without an umbrella. The roads become muddy and slippery. In rural areas, people usually keep their shoes in their hands while walking on rainy days. The cattle cannot graze. Children bathe in the rainwater, and students fail to go to school, college, and universities. Some people, like the poor, idle away their time in gossiping, and some sleep for some time. Students welcome a rainy day most as they have a holiday.

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