A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words

A Rainy Day Paragraph 5

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A Rainy Day Paragraph in 250 words. (For class 9-10)

Sample Answer 1 (A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

Rainy evening comes as a surprise for everybody, bringing a luscious climate and frightening weather. Black clouds shower water droplets over the ground underneath them. The environment gets fine — not too cold, neither too hot on a rainy day. A rainy day kills the flora on the property and makes everything look new and fresh; consequently, the greenery around us shows its lush green color. A rainy day can also be acceptable for irrigation and raising the return and opening up the prospects of conserving rainwater for the future. It can help purify the pure water bodies of the ground. It provides a new lease of life to the animals struggling in the absence of water. Nature’s strategy is to revitalize the earth and life, attracting fresh water for all the flora and fauna that depend on natural water resources. Rainy Day is also acceptable for agricultural tasks, as most plants rely entirely on rain. It plays an enormous role for farmers as it assists them in the rise and nourishment of crops. Water becomes prosperity; canals, rivers, and water bodies become wrapped up and teeming with life on a rainy day. Rain attracts many reptilian and amphibian species from their hiding, like frogs and snakes. In households, many hot delicacies are prepared for the people to enjoy the chilly weather. Rainy Day is best spent sitting around the balcony of your property and sipping hot coffee. Rainy Day brings the very best of nature and the individuals who are seen happy in the rain. People today use umbrellas to travel in the shower and also remain dry. But there’re also worse sides to some rainy days. From time to time, an elaborate quantity of rain could damage like floods and disrupt our work. Additionally, it simplifies the everyday life of underaged people, which makes it difficult enough to allow them to make both ends meet.

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Sample Answer 2 (A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

If it rains all day, we call it a wet day. On such a day, the heavens remain cloudy. The sun is not seen at all. The day appears dull and gloomy. Sometimes it rains heavily, and at times it drizzles. Often there are flashes of lightning or thunder in the skies. Birds are barely observed to fly. They maintain staking on the branches of trees. Cattle keep standing on their sheds. On such a day, people have to remain inside. If the rain is heavy, some roads go submerged. So, it becomes pretty challenging to move from 1 area to another. Folks carry an umbrella once they go out. People of us who do not have umbrellas get drenched. A person doesn’t generally come without compulsion. Working people suffer much. They cannot go out to make their everyday bread. Some people today spend time playing cards, hearing or singing songs. On rainy days, people like to eat khichuri with fish, poultry, and pickles. Girls in families get busy preparing these foods. Some flowers bloom on a rainy day and give away the sweet odor. A rainy day is enjoyable for children as they don’t have to visit school. They play indoor games and also pass the time happily. A rainy day has a fantastic effect on people’s minds. They think of the dear and near ones who stay away from them. Therefore, despite some pitfalls, a rainy day has its attractiveness.

Sample Answer 3 (A Rainy Day Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

Rainy day is a gorgeous phenomenon and a gift of nature to humans and all life forms on earth. It is one of the lovely forms of wildlife. A rainy day brings not only physical relief in the heat, but in addition, supplies an emotional touch to the soul. The outstanding value of a rainy day can only be felt when it appears in the center of the warm summer month. Nothing in the whole world may be compared to the aid which the rainy-day supplies on such a day. It is a day most accepted by the children, students, and professionals alike. Children like to delight in the rainy day and perform with the paper ship; students have a day off from school and college to be with all the family. The beauty of a rainy evening is most felt in villages. Everything appears to come to a stop on a rainy day, and it all gets so relaxing. Farmers welcome rain with exceptional zeal and enjoyment. They are aware that it not only slows the temperature down but also brings an excellent yield. Rainy days are very critical for the growth of crops and to meet the water requirements of the livestock. Both crops and livestock would be the two main constituents of a farmer’s lifestyle; therefore, rains are left by farmers. Whether in villages or cities a rainy evening is always welcomed, due to the luck and enjoyment. It is essential not only for people but also for supporting and sustaining alternative life forms.

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