A School Magazine Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words

A School Magazine Paragraph 1

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A School Magazine in 150 words. (For class 7)

Sample Answer 1 (A School Magazine paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

A school magazine reflects the literary works of the students and the instructors of a school, and the magazine gets published annually or biannually. We have a magazine committee consisting of night members that they have been: three teachers and six students, the headmaster acts as the main patron of the committee, and both of the other teachers behave as consultants and proof-reader. One other editor has been chosen from one of the students. Spaces are sold to the industry concerns for advertisements of their goods. We have a magazine found to fulfill the crucial documents, poems, stories, short plays, riddles, and jokes, written by the teachers and the students. Our school magazine is a tremendous boon for us. It helps us express our feelings and thoughts and also develop creative powers. We are pleased with our faculty magazine.

Sample Answer 2 (A School Magazine paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

A school magazine is a book where students acquire the possibility to publish their writings. Most of the time, teachers write for the school magazine. Few students benefit from the whole procedure. They collect essays from both students, and teachers select them depending on their caliber. It is a motivational matter for a student when his writing gets selected. It is enjoyable to take place in the magazine. There are editor teams that encourage all students to write for that magazine, and then they review most of the writings and select the best ones. After selecting them, then they send the paper to the press for publishing for a magazine. The school authority bears the entire expense for this magazine. Furthermore, they then earn just about money by selling the magazine.

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