A School Magazine Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words

A School Magazine Paragraph 5

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A School Magazine in 200 words. (For class 8)

Sample Answer (A School Magazine paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

school magazine is an annual publication of an academy. It includes the writings of the pupils and the educators. We have a school magazine which is published once annually. A specially formed committee in a general assembly coordinates all the processes to publish the magazine. The headmaster of the school is that the president of the committee. He inspires us to post our writings. An English instructor is an advisor. The other members of this committee help him with the book of this magazine. Our school magazine contains different types of writings. They include poems, poems, jokes, short stories, and a one-act play. It also comprises the message in the headmaster and the annual reports of the cultural activities of the school. Most writers would be the students., They say the feelings of their youthful minds through their writings. Some teachers also write here. So, an individual can write in Bangla or English. All the pupils and the committee members do their best for the book of this magazine. It helps to learn more about literature. It develops our writing abilities. We are proud of our school magazine.

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