A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words

A Winter Morning Paragraph 1

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A Winter Morning in 100 words. (For class 6)

Sample Answer 1 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

There is dense fog Anyplace from the winter morning, and the weather is chilly and misty. The sunlight can’t seem at just time because of moisture. Everything appears gloomy, and things at a small distance can barely be found. Dewdrops make nature magical whenever the beams of the morning sunlight falling on them, the kids and the village people create fire to warm up. Some individuals like to bask in the sun. A winter morning is welcomed because of its delicious cakes, date juice, and several other things.

Sample Answer 2 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

A Winter Morning Paragraph 6

Winter is very chilly and foggy. A dense fog covers the whole surrounding, and things can hardly be seen at a small distance. It dews all night. Dew-drops collapse on leaves and grass. They glitter in the sunlight. Domestic animals are kept in their sheds. Village people suffer a good deal on a chilly morning and shiver in the lash of the cold breeze because of not having hot clothes. They shiver and work. They and their children collect straw to generate fire. Many bask in the sunlight. Date cakes, juice, pies are trendy then. Most folks get up late. The fog disappears after the sunrise.

Winter Morning in City Life Paragraph (~100 words)

City life is much different from village life. Folks are Occupied here and need to head to work. They can not bypass their office because of fog or A heavy cold. The majority of the tea stalls are open in the morning. People came Outside for a morning walk and workout. At that time, tea is still a popular Drink. Due to a hectic lifestyle, there is nothing more significant shift in sunlight season. In a heavy cold, people used to put on clothes and winter is an enjoyable time For city people.

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