A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words

A Winter Morning Paragraph 2

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A Winter Morning in 150 words. (For class 7)

Sample Answer 1 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Winter is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. It seems before us to get a period. Nature changes because of its arrival. It is the coldest season in the country and comes after autumn. Winter is misty and foggy. There’s dense fog anywhere. Sometimes, the sun’s rays may be viewed due to heavy moisture as the sun’s rays cannot pass. The leaves of both grass and trees are coated with dew. They seem like glittering pearls as soon as it falls on them. People today get up late from bed. Various types of sweetmeats and “Pithas” are prepared with date juice this year. It is a curse for bad men and women. They don’t have warm clothes. Consequently, they suffer from coldness. Poor children collect straws and make a fire to warm up. Nevertheless, a Winter Morning is your change of season. Birds sing a melodious tune. The winter is pleasurable in any respect.

Sample Answer 2 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Winter morning is a day when the sun becomes a late riser. Sunlight falls onto the dewdrops about the leaves, and grass sparkle like pearls. Nature becomes droopy, and fog blankets her. Everything looks hazy, and a cold wave runs around. Life seems pretty numb. Folks become very idle and tired and want to stay under the duvet. They shape the habit of basking in the sun. The villagers and the poor gather straw and burn fires to heat themselves. Winter breakfast has a unique attraction and taste and offers various snacks, namely Pithy, Gur, Muri, Khai, and Moa. Date-juice is the favored beverage of this time. The morning spell slowly ends as the sun goes up. The chilly brings joy as well as distress to us.

Sample Answer 3 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

A Winter Morning Paragraph 3

There are six Seasons in our country, and winter is among them. It is the season of mist and cold. So, winter morning is misty and chilly. There is dense fog everywhere. Everything looks hazy. Matters at a distance can barely be seen. The tall trees are covered with moisture, and also, they can’t be made out. It dews at nighttime. After the morning sunshine peeps, the dewdrops seem like glittering diamonds on grass and plants, this season, the poor men and women suffer a lot because they do not have warm clothes to put on. The condition of birds and animal’s beggar’s descriptions when they feel happy to see the beams of sunlight. Sweet date juice is available this season, and folks like to drink the juice. The spectacle of this winter morning gradually changes as the day progresses. The sun moves up, and fog disappears. Then people go to their respective functions.

Sample Answer 4 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Winter morning is foggy all-time. Village life and town life is entirely different at that time. I’ve enjoyed both, and I will say many facts about winter morning about village and city life. Here I will say these. Most people are highly hardworking from the village, and they always have to work in their field. Too much fog and cold make their job just a little bit harder. However, I have noticed they never stop trying. Farmers woke up early in the morning and proceeded to their area with their cows. They feed their other cattle at that time. The majority of the time, these cattle don’t come out in the morning. People today enjoy the afternoon with different types of food and date juice. Winter morning is unique for children. This time is perfect for enjoying cricket. They go out with their bat and ball and get started playing cricket. I like winter very much.

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