A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words

A Winter Morning Paragraph 4

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A Winter Morning in 200 words. (For class 8)

Sample Answer 1 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

Winter is the Coldest season within our country. Therefore, winter morning is naturally freezing. It’s typically a foggy morning, and there is dense fog all around. Sometimes, the fog is so thick that nothing could be viewed even in a bit of distance on a winter morning. The sun’s rays can’t get through the mist. Everything is in the grasp of fog and severe cold. Nature looks gloomy and what looks hazy. The bad village folks and the slum- dwellers in towns suffer greatly for want of hot clothes. They create them. When the sun rises, they are unveiling the fog. Folks, especially the older and the kids, do basking in the sun to get rid of the cold. Dewdrops that fall onto the leaves and grass at night look like glittering pearls in the beams of the morning sun. The juice sellers are usually found selling date juice from door to door. It’s delightful to have a glass of this sweet beverage. The ingestion of homemade biscuits using date juice sitting at the heat of their early rising sun is very enjoyable. That’s the reason why I enjoy winter mornings very much. People generally get up late and are frequently late in their offices because of foggy weather and severe cold when going to their workplace and duties.

Sample Answer 2 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

The winter morning Is a chilly morning of summertime. Sometimes, it dews. The environment is dull arid dismal, covered with mist and fog, and everything appears hazy. In the distance, an individual can barely see and detect items. The animals lose their spirits. They look sullen and distressed. People today put on various kinds of warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold. Older men and children tremble in the winter. They collect straw to warm themselves and put fire in several places. Altogether, people don’t feel like leaving the mattress too early. They awaken late in the winter morning when the sun peeps through the pall of mist. The signature of these sun-rays makes the birds and beast content. Farmers awaken early in the morning and going to the area to begin their day’s work. The fog and fog of the rising sun evaporate, and folks remove the feeling of winter to meet their daily duties. On a winter morning, individuals enjoy various kinds of tasty food Items involving different types of Pithas and Paes ready from date-Juice. I appreciate it very much since It provides us with these sorts of delicious foods. Moreover, in winter vegetables cooked together with fishes is very enjoyable.

Sample Answer 3 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

A winter is A dawn of the winter season. Generally, winter morning is misty and cold. There’s dense fog everywhere. Sometimes the density of fog is so that the sun rays cannot get by it. We can’t see things even at a bit of distance. Again, we don’t hear Birds’ chirping an excessive amount. The goat, cow, and other animals can’t come out. Dewdrops fall on leaves and blades of grass during the night. It looks as they are glittering pearls once the dun rays fall. As village children and people are mostly poor, they have hardly warm fabrics. Children and older men gather straw and dry leaves to make a fire to warm up. In any case, the poor older men and children bask themselves in sunlight for want of warmth. People generally and children get up from bed. So, everybody is busy with breakfast, dressing up, and getting ready to move to their various places. Nonetheless, in the winter morning, everyone may enjoy delicious foods. Especially people in the village enjoy candy cakes, pies of date juice, and many different things. The scene of the winter vanishes as the day slowly advances. The sun goes up, and the fog begins melting. Winter is truly enjoyable in many respects.

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