A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words

A Winter Morning Paragraph 5

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on A Winter Morning in 250 words. (For class 9-10)

Sample Answer 1 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

Winter is very chilly and misty. One morning, I woke up at four and went outside for a stroll. It was the final week of December. The weather was freezing. As I got from the house, I started shaking with cold. A cold wind was blowing. It was peeling, and my feet and hands seemed freezing. My nose began to run along the ears were as cold as ice hockey. It was foggy, and nothing was visible. I ran a mile to heat myself but purposeless, and the thighs were almost frozen. I believed the marrow was cool, but my legs became rigid and iced. The bird isn’t chipped, and birds nest together. The bud had been cleaned with frost. Frost killed each of the plants and blossoms, and the trees stood naked. The temperature touched the ice. I left home early, caught a cup of hot, salty tea, and coated it with a bird, but I was shaking with the cold. My hand was almost crippled. I attempted to shave, but my fingers didn’t do the job. I sat close to the fire. I warm my hands for about half an hour. That was when I was able to shave. Office workers were having a difficult time. They could not cycle. The steel handles of their wheel were cooler than the ice. A cool icy breeze is blowing in their faces. They wore lace suits, pulled overs, over-coats, socks, and gloves, and nevertheless, they felt cold and uncomfortable. The poor suffered the most as they were without woolen clothing. They needed to operate in the cold winter. Their teeth chatter. Their hands and feet seemed iced. Their mournful condition causes mercy. The wine that’s full of life’s kids hasn’t yet been harassed. They cover both the jar to keep themselves warm. Suddenly the sky became cloudy with clouds. The roar of this cloud started as well as the shouting began. It began with dirt and rain. The ground shortly turned white with hail, and all outside activities were postponed. The weather was getting pretty chilly. I was sitting by the fireplace, waiting for the rain to cease. Since the rain stopped, I left my cycle to school. The biting cold atmosphere made it hard for me to keep my hands on the handlebar and balance.

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Sample Answer 2 (A Winter Morning Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

A winter is Misty and chilly. There is dense fog anywhere. Sometimes the fog is so thick that the sun rays cannot get by it. Everything looks hazy. Things at a distance can barely be viewed. The sun appears to grow late. Children and older folks suffer from the cold of the afternoon. Dewdrops drop in the night, after the morning sunshine, peeps. They look like glittering pearls on grasses and plants. Farmers visit the fields using their cattle and plows. Children and older men and women gather straw and make fires to heat themselves. The older men and women bask in the sun. Then folks like to consume Chira, Muri, Khai, and various kinds of Pithas. Anyway, date juice is quite tasteful on winter mornings. Usually, a chilly is comfortable for the rich folks. They often maintain themselves under the quilt. They appreciate delicious foods and drinks. The poor individuals, on the other hand, suffer from the cold for want of warm garments. Sometimes, the dense fog disrupts the movement of vehicles, and injuries happen. But morning fogs don’t survive so long. They disappear as the sun peeps up. Then the everyday activities of people begin. They go to their respective duties. Winter has its variety and attractiveness. After all, a chilly morning is unique for all of us. The sunlight gives some sunshine at the start of this time. In the village, morning time is quite a busy time for farmers and quite different from different components of other days. They visit the field to function for growing many vegetables from the floor. Because of this, we get rice and other fruits in our market. And we buy from the market for us. These fruits are incredibly fresh and clean. Hence, we wait for the distinctive winter morning.

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