Diaspora Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words

Diaspora Paragraph 2

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Diaspora in 150 words. (For class 7)

Sample Answer (Diaspora Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Many historical stories have to inform one of the diaspora tales. Men and women sacrifice their homeland to acquire a better option, or sometimes it is returning as pressure. Jews Abraham also left Iraq due to supply pressure. It is an ancient story, but the Rohingya difficulty is the latest one where about 3.5 million Rohingya are scattered out in many nations. Among them, 9 50,000 Rohingya men and women are taking refuge in Bangladesh. They also took refuge in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Rohingya men and women are leaving their homeland in Myanmar. Mostly they are here unwillingly. Although not present the same condition everywhere. Some of us leave under-develop or develop the country and go to a developed country to get more opportunities. An enormous amount of people are going there willingly every year.

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