Diaspora Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words

Diaspora Paragraph 3

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Diaspora in 200 words. (For class 8)

Sample Answer (Diaspora Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

Diaspora means that a set of people is leaving the homeland and settle down to another place. The movement of people from land to another place is the main thing. Sometimes it will work willingly and sometimes under pressure. Jew people are well-known as the primary diaspora people. Abraham was leaving out of the homeland of Iraq under pressurized circumstances. Aryans are the subsequent Diaspora. They took refuge in the Indian subcontinent around a thousand years ago from the European land, and people were partitioned between India and Pakistan in 1947. Most recently, Rohingyas from Arakan, Myanmar, are taking refuge in Bangladesh, which is a very current issue, and religion would be the main reason for the Diaspora. Due to globalization, people are spread out global countries. More chances, better placement, corruption present in the nation, and higher study are some causes of willing Diaspora. However, Diaspora prefers as a trouble for the hosting country. However, for the underdeveloped or developing country, it resembles a burden. To stop diaspora worlds, leaders should be aware of preventing war, dissimilarities, improving lifestyles, and fulfilling peoples’ desires.

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