Environmental Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words

Environmental pollution Paragraph 4

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on environmental pollution in 250 words. (For class 9-10)

Sample Answer 1 (Environmental Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

Environmental contamination is a significant issue that the world is facing at present. Environment means that which living and non-living encircles as well as impacts us. Living elements of the surroundings, such as birds, animals, plants, etc., are all known as biotic variables, and air, sunlight, water, etc., are all abiotic elements. These variables affect and interact with each other. However, these days, environmental pollution has been several harmful effects on both the biotic and abiotic factors. Air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, and sound pollution are significant environmental contamination. The cigarettes of flame generated by guys, mills and factories, railway engines, and automobiles create air pollution. The insecticides and chemical fertilizers, garbage, and squander products of mills and factories contaminate the water. Additionally, water vehicles like launches, steamers throw debris from the rivers and thus infect this vital element. The loud sounds of vehicle horns and the machines of mills and factories are responsible for air pollution. All this environmental pollution disturbs the natural interaction of ecological elements and interrupts ecological balance. Moreover, they have detrimental impacts on human types, animals, and plants also. Different types of diseases and health issues are brought on by environmental contamination. Air pollution is the leading cause of various respiratory ailments, water contamination creates water-carried conditions, and sound pollution causes different hearing difficulties. Again different kinds of disasters attack our environment due to ecological imbalance. It’s high time we raise consciousness against environmental pollution and take necessary measures to maintain the setting free of contamination. With a safe environment, we can provide ourselves and the next generation a safe world to live in.

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Sample Answer 2 (Environmental Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

Our environment has been our asset; we shouldn’t lose the charm of this environment by contamination. We ought to handle the surroundings of our ground like our mother because our base also disturbs us and shelter us. If the climate gets contaminated, then is it possible for all of us to live? The several types of pollution are water contamination, soil contamination, sound pollution, soil contamination, air pollution, etc. The contaminants of the environment are referred to as pollutants. The key pollutants come from industries because the factories release harmful and poisonous gases from the atmosphere and cause air pollution. The industrial effluents may also be thrown into water bodies, causing water pollution. The other pollutant responsible for contamination is the smoke from gas, greenhouse gasses emission like carbon dioxide full of India. Environmental pollution raises global warming day by day, so the ice in Antarctica is melting, and the damaging gases are also emitting and ruining the whole earth. The animals have been endangered, and the plants are also dying. Cutting trees is one of the factors for environmental pollution. So rather than cutting trees, we need to plant an increasing number of trees to enhance the beauty of the earth. On 5th June, we celebrate World Environment Day, not Mahotsav trees that particular day, but we still should plant trees every time we think it’s necessary. We must also observe Van Mahotsav spread the news that each individual ought to plant trees. It is the obligation and commitment of each soul to maintain and protect our environment from becoming polluted. There’s another obligation that we have to perform we should not dump the waste materials in the river or seawater. We should burn them, and then we will have the ability to produce biogas.

Environment pollution Paragraph 5

Sample Answer 3 (Environmental Pollution Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

The environment refers to the air, water, and land where individuals, animals, and plants live. Human beings, animals, plants, air, soil, and water are the main elements of the environment. These components should be pollution-free for our living. But when they are contaminated and their essential balance is interrupted, it is known as ecological pollution. Nowadays, almost everywhere, our environment is becoming polluted. In most areas of the country, the environment has gotten exceedingly polluted. We are responsible for this situation. Industries and factories emit a large number of gases, smoke, and fume. Motor transportations also release a large volume of smoke and gases. All these cause air pollutions. Water is contaminated from the dumping of industrial wastes and by chemical insecticides and fertilizers. Due to the indiscriminate use of automobile horns, loudspeakers, mikes, etc., the sound is contaminated. Soil is infected by harmful chemical compounds, pesticides, and insecticides. Trees play a significant function in the surroundings as they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Thus they save the environment. But trees are being cut down for various business objectives. This act has to be halted for the sake of keeping our environment healthy. Environment contamination is a terrific threat to our presence. It affects the world’s climate and brings about different sorts of natural disasters. Therefore, the world is getting unsuitable for living. To make life healthy and comfy, we ought to keep the environment clean and pollution-free.

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