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As food is essential for the sustenance of life, farmers play a crucial role in our society. These men and women till the land, care for…, please continue reading.

The Paragraph on Farmer


As food is essential for the sustenance of life, farmers play a crucial role in our society. These men and women till the land, care for animals, and cultivate crops for our consumption. Life as a farmer is tough, yet it is a fulfilling profession that is rewarding in its own right. Farmers wake up early in the morning, work long hours, and face various challenges ranging from unpredictable weather to dealing with pests and diseases. Nevertheless, they remain dedicated to their craft, because they genuinely care about producing high-quality products that will satisfy their customers. Whether it’s planting rows of corn, raising chickens or caring for livestock, farmers work hard to ensure that they provide for themselves and their communities. Many farmers today are using modern technology to their advantage, employing drones, GPS systems, and other advancements to improve efficiency and productivity.

Questions about Farmer



  1. What is the role of farmers in society?
  2. What are some challenges that farmers face?
  3. What motivates farmers to be dedicated to their craft?
  4. What are some of the techniques used by modern farmers?
  5. How important is modern technology to farmers?
  6. What are some common crops grown by farmers?
  7. Can you describe a day in the life of a farmer?
  8. What is the farm-to-table movement?
  9. What impact does farming have on the environment?
  10. Are there any government policies that support farmers?

Vocabulary related to Farmer


Vocabulary Words:

  1. Cultivate - to prepare and use land for crops or gardening

Usage - The farmer cultivated the land with great care. Synonyms - till, farm, grow Antonyms - neglect, abandon, ignore

  1. Sustenance - the provision of food or other necessities for life.

Usage - Farmers are responsible for the sustenance of our society. Synonyms - nourishment, feeding, nutrition Antonyms - starvation, malnutrition

  1. Till - to prepare and cultivate land for crops

Usage - The farmer tilled the soil before planting the seeds. Synonyms - cultivate, farm, plow Antonyms - neglect, abandon, ignore

  1. Livestock - farm animals that are bred and raised for agricultural purposes

Usage - The farmer raised livestock for meat and dairy products. Synonyms - animals, cattle, poultry Antonyms - wild animals, pets

  1. Crop - a cultivated plant that is grown and harvested for food or other products

Usage - The farmer’s crop was ruined by the sudden hailstorm. Synonyms - harvest, yield, produce Antonyms - barrenness, unproductiveness

  1. Pests - a destructive animal that attacks crops or livestock

Usage - The farmer had to deal with pests that were eating his crop. Synonyms - insects, rodents, vermin Antonyms - harmless animals, pets

  1. Efficiency - the ability to accomplish something with the least amount of wasted time, effort or resources

Usage - The farmer increased the efficiency of his farm by using modern technology. Synonyms - productivity, effectiveness, proficiency Antonyms - inefficiency, unproductivity

  1. Drones - unmanned aerial vehicles remotely controlled or programmed to perform tasks

Usage - The farmer used drones to monitor his crop and identify potential problems. Synonyms - unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs Antonyms - manned aerial vehicles

  1. GPS - global positioning system, a satellite-based navigation system used for measuring locations

Usage - The farmer used a GPS to track the movement of his livestock. Synonyms - navigation, positioning, mapping Antonyms - misdirection, getting lost

  1. Farm-to-table - a movement promoting locally sourced and fresh food products, connecting farmers and consumers directly

Usage - The restaurant emphasized the farm-to-table concept by using ingredients sourced locally from farmers. Synonyms - locally sourced, sustainable Antonyms - processed food, mass-produced

Structure of the sample "Farmer" paragraph


Cohesion and Coherence: The paragraph addresses the topic of farmers and describes their role in society, what motivates them, the challenges they face, and the use of modern technology in farming. The paragraph uses transitional words and phrases such as “nevertheless,” “whether it’s,” and “many farmers” to connect ideas and ensure coherence.