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As a schoolgirl, my favorite teacher was my 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable about the subjects…, please continue reading.

The Paragraph on Favorite Teacher


As a schoolgirl, my favorite teacher was my 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable about the subjects she taught, but she also had a genuine interest in all her students. Mrs. Johnson had a friendly demeanor and an infectious energy that made her classes enjoyable to attend. Whenever we had questions, she would always take the time to explain the concepts until everyone had a clear understanding.

One of my fondest memories of Mrs. Johnson was when she organized a field trip for us to a local zoo. She had prepped us for weeks beforehand, and we were so excited to finally go. On the day of the field trip, Mrs. Johnson had us answer a questionnaire about the animals we saw, making sure we were observing and learning as much as possible. The experience was both educational and memorable, and I still remember some of the facts I learned that day.

Mrs. Johnson’s teaching style was unique in that she focused on individual learning. She encouraged us to ask questions and was always available to help after class. She also gave us the freedom to express ourselves creatively by allowing us to do projects that were personal to us. She instilled in us the confidence to believe in ourselves and our abilities.

Despite being a strict teacher, Mrs. Johnson was also approachable and understanding. If we ever had personal issues, she was always there to offer support and advice. She genuinely cared for the well-being of all her students beyond their academic progress, which made us feel valued.

To this day, I remember Mrs. Johnson as the teacher who inspired me to love learning. She had a positive impact on my life, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Questions about Favorite Teacher


  1. Who was the author’s favorite teacher?
  • The author’s favorite teacher was her 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson.
  1. What was the author’s fondest memory of Mrs. Johnson?
  • The author’s fondest memory of Mrs. Johnson was when she organized a field trip to a local zoo.
  1. What teaching style did Mrs. Johnson have?
  • Mrs. Johnson focused on individual learning by encouraging questions and offering help.
  1. Did Mrs. Johnson care for the well-being of her students beyond academic progress?
  • Yes, Mrs. Johnson genuinely cared for her students’ well-being beyond academic progress.
  1. How did Mrs. Johnson inspire the author?
  • Mrs. Johnson inspired the author to love learning and had a positive impact on her life.
  1. What made Mrs. Johnson’s classes enjoyable to attend?
  • Mrs. Johnson had a friendly demeanor, an infectious energy, and was incredibly knowledgeable about the subjects she taught.
  1. Was Mrs. Johnson approachable and understanding?
  • Yes, Mrs. Johnson was both approachable and understanding.
  1. What did Mrs. Johnson encourage her students to do?
  • Mrs. Johnson encouraged her students to ask questions and to express themselves creatively.
  1. What was the author’s opinion of Mrs. Johnson?
  • The author had a very positive opinion of Mrs. Johnson.
  1. Why was the field trip to the zoo both educational and memorable?
  • Mrs. Johnson had prepped the students for weeks before the field trip and had them fill out a questionnaire about the animals they saw. This made the experience both educational and memorable.

Vocabulary related to Favorite Teacher


Vocabulary words:

  1. Demeanor: the way a person behaves towards others; usage: He has a calm demeanor that helps others feel relaxed around him. Synonyms: behavior, conduct; Antonyms: aggression, hostility
  2. Infectious: able to spread quickly to others; usage: The speaker’s enthusiasm was infectious, and soon everyone in the audience was smiling. Synonyms: contagious, catching; Antonyms: harmless, benign
  3. Prepped: to prepare ready for a particular time or event; usage: The students prepped for the exam by reviewing all their notes. Synonyms: equipped, primed; Antonyms: unprepared, unfit
  4. Questionnaire: a set of questions used for gathering information; usage: The teacher gave a questionnaire to the students to evaluate their understanding of the topic. Synonyms: survey, inquiry; Antonyms: answer, solution
  5. Personal: relating to oneself or one’s private life; usage: She shared a personal story with the class to make them understand why the topic was so important to her. Synonyms: private, individual; Antonyms: general, impersonal
  6. Instill: to introduce a particular feeling, idea or attitude in someone; usage: The coach instilled a sense of discipline and teamwork in the players. Synonyms: imbue, implant; Antonyms: remove, discourage
  7. Beyond: more than what is seen or known; usage: The teacher cared for his students’ well-being beyond their academic progress. Synonyms: above, exceeding; Antonyms: lesser, beneath
  8. Approachable: easy to talk to or to get close to someone; usage: Despite being a strict teacher, he was very approachable and friendly towards his students. Synonyms: accessible, friendly; Antonyms: distant, unapproachable
  9. Valued: considered important or worthwhile; usage: The teacher made sure to show the students that they were valued and appreciated. Synonyms: appreciated, esteemed; Antonyms: neglected, unimportant
  10. Impact: to have a strong effect on someone or something; usage: The teacher’s words left a lasting impact on the students, inspiring them to work harder. Synonyms: influence, effect; Antonyms: negligible, insignificant

Structure of the sample "Favorite Teacher" paragraph


The cohesion in the paragraph is achieved by using transitional phrases such as “Not only.. but also,” “Despite being,” and “To this day.” Furthermore, recurring pronouns like “she” refer to the teacher in question, and proper nouns like “Mrs. Johnson” reinforce the focus on her. Coherence is achieved by organizing the paragraph around a central theme, in this case, the author’s favorite teacher. Each sentence and idea presented contributes to the reader’s understanding of why the teacher was the author’s favorite. Additionally, the paragraph follows a logical timeline by discussing the teacher’s qualities, memorable experiences, teaching style, and overall impact on the author.