Female Education Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words

Female Education Paragraph 1

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Female Education in 200 words. (For class 8)

Sample Answer 1 (Female Education for Class 8 in 200 Words):

The wealth of a country chiefly depends upon the education of the population. About 50 percent of the entire population in our country is womanly. A country cannot expect prosperity avoiding this massive portion of the people. It is not feasible to do everything in life just by men. So feminine education is crucial as women possess some specific responsibilities and tasks. Education is very vital to do their duties properly. Also, every woman is a potential mommy. The teaching of a child dramatically is dependent upon its mother. An informed mother could be able to create her son up correctly. Social duties should also be assigned to men and women. In marital life, a woman could help her partner. With this function, a woman ought to be educated. Women need to be educated to continue to keep women free from sudden neglect. There are some men and women that are vehemently opposed to female education. They think that women’s only responsibility is always to do household affairs along with rearing kids. However, we cannot think about the advancement of our country minus the education of females. All necessary steps should be taken up to encourage female education for the enhancement of the nation.[stellar]

Sample Answer 2 (Female Education for Class 8 in 200 Words):

Education is the need of every and every person. It is the demand of everyone. However, girls are for the many without it. The number of educated girls in the entire world, particularly in India, is deficient compared with trained boys. Quite a few components are accountable for the absence of education in girls. A considerable portion of the Indian culture believes in the distinction of sexual orientation during the gap of abilities. They genuinely think girls cannot do some works precisely what boys can. They are not skillful for boys. This mindset of both guardians and society makes girls much away from training. Unethical behavior has spread to a significant degree inside our general people. Immoral individuals, for the large part, misuse girls. This abuse has sat in the psyches of Indian parents because of panic. This fear keeps guardians from sending out girls. As a result, they cannot finish their education. The absence of appropriate bodily offices for women in educational establishments is another variable influencing girl education. Principally, Urban and underdeveloped zones experience the ill results of such an issue. Likewise, the inaccessibility of this woman teacher influences the education of the girls. In this manner, girl education can be a substantial issue. We should endure and struggle for the rights of each girl.

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