Female Education Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words

Female Education Paragraph

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Female Education in 250 words. (For class 9-10)

Sample Answer 1 (Female Education for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

A good mother can generate a good nation. Female education is vital because an informed mother can provide us with an educated society and good citizens. A fantastic mother means an educated mum. If we dream of an illiteracy-free society, people have to consider educated all women. At last, we can say that female education is critical for almost any society, every other family member, and nation. Women are inseparable components of men. One is incomplete without another. In Bangladesh, women constitute half of its total population; nevertheless, they are viewed as subservient. They have been restricted within the four walls of the home. Besides, they are deprived of the light of education. As a result, they remain illiterate and uneducated. Education enlightens the inner intellectual faculty of human beings. It develops our rational and ethical instant via official training. If educated, a man or woman can do his/her duties perfectly and proficiently. At the moment, there has been a significant shift in the perspective of men and society. Many socioeconomic factors have the effect of this particular shift. The ladies have crossed the boundaries of the home. All probable centers of female education have been extended. Avenues of women empowerment and employment have already been opened up. Nowadays, coming out of their cocoons, they are joining a vast range of professions. In actuality, no country’s development is in any way possible if one-half its population is maintained out of their way. So, dividers must be created to ensure women might play their role effectively in society. Also, to perform this job, education is essential for women. Otherwise, they will stay longer.

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Sample Answer 2 (Female Education for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

God has created the world with high confidence and pleasure. When God created woman and man, he drew no hard and fast line of distinction between them. He endowed them both with bright and noble faculties. So, education cannot function as the exclusive possession of any class or section, or gender. A female is half a portion of any family, a society, or a nation, and thus in every action, the feminine has an equal share of success or future. Women do function in virtually every task in the community or loved ones. It could be said that today’s girls will be the near future women and one day that they will soon be mothers into their future. A mommy plays a very significant role within her family. As much as the caring and sharing of the kids are involved, the part of a mommy remains very crucial. When a mother knows, she may bring her kids up in a constructive way. On the other hand, a mother cannot render her ceremony even to family, let alone society and the nation. An informed mother knows how to educate her children and also to make them worthier. In any case, she can release her societal responsibilities and contribute to the nation’s overall development. Of course, the near future of a young child depends on how it has been drawn up and educated at youth. Generally, an educated mother is expected to bring up and educate each of her children a lot better than a mother. All necessary steps must be taken to encourage the poor and uneducated people to give their girls education. They should be made alert of the significance of female education. The poor children ought to get proper help so they could continue their studies.[stellar]

Sample Answer 3 (Female Education for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

The condition of the female or women education within the wrong family is bothersome inside our country. If a lady is born particularly in a low-income family, it is not considered a piece of joyful news. They believe the baby girl has come to improve the sufferings of the parents. So, they seldom consider sending her to school. They consistently believe teaching a girl is simply wasting time & money. The parents of the daughter make an effort to obtain a husband to marry off her even before she accomplishes mental and physical adulthood. Many individuals strongly oppose female education. These barriers in the way of female education are to be shifted. Nowadays, women are as important as men in society. They constitute nearly 50% of our whole population. Therefore, there can be no denying that the simple fact that women too possess equal rights and duties as men perform. They have noble missions to meet as men. Should they get the option, their brilliance powers and skills will blossom ultimately. No country can make real progress keeping the full half its population in the darkened. Without the uplift of guys, the progress of the nation is not in any way possible. Again, without education, women cannot be elevated. Every mother of a child plays an integral part in molding the character of their children. There is a saying in English that the hands that rock the cradle rule the whole world. So every female is a prospective mommy.

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