Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words

Food Adulteration Paragraph 1

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Food Adulteration in 100 words. (For class 6)

Sample Answer 1 (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

Food Adulteration is a prevalent problem in our homeland nowadays. Food adulteration involves mixing chemicals with food for long-lasting and getting good looks. At present, almost all businessmen do so. Fish food, meat, and chicken are also contaminated with chemicals. Adulterated food is harmful to our human body. Sometimes it causes cancer. The government should take appropriate measures for this. Mobile courts ought to be available everywhere. Moreover, ordinary people should also be aware that most of us do not know the impact of Food Adulteration and do not care.

Sample Answer 2 (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

Food Adulteration Paragraph 6

We all survive eating food. Food is the very primary thing that we need to stay alive. However, can people eat every food? No, they cannot. People should eat good quality food. Otherwise, that would be a significant reason behind health issues. At this time in this universe, Food Adulteration can be a severe issue. Individuals are using many kinds of pesticides to grow vegetables and fruits. That turns into poison to the human body and causes several sorts of diseases in the torso. All of us require to be conscious of that and need to stop eating low-quality food. Before eating something, we will need to ensure the quality.

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