Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words

Food Adulteration Paragraph 2

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Food Adulteration in 150 words. (For class 7)

Sample Answer (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Food is one of the basic requirements of human living. Just by taking foods, we receive heat and energy. It is helpful to live on the earth. However, our food is still being adulterated. Food adulteration means making food by mixing another substance or chemical, making the food less pure and harmful for the human system. For making the food look attractive, chemicals are combined with food which is destroying the preventive disease power of the human anatomy while we take these foods. Every man may be the target of food adulteration. However, children are the worst victims of it. Recently we find melamine, a toxic chemical in milk powder. The gullible businessmen are solely responsible for adulteration. Recently the government creates mobile courts to penalize them. The federal government needs to take more necessary measures to stop food adulteration.

Sample Answer (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Food adulteration is being a critical problem in our nation. Nearly all kind of food is becoming contaminated. During eating food at a restaurant, we want the greatest and fresh food. However, do we all understand how they keep their food fresh for an extended period? It is the process of food adulteration. Adulterated foods do not seem wrong or smell. However, they are not suitable for our health. Dis-Honest restaurant owners do that to make a little extra profit. On the other hand, we buy plenty of markets including vegetables, fish, and daily food. The majority of the vegetables are grown with several sorts of chemical medicine. That aids the vegetable to grow faster and seems promising. However, this sort of vegetable is hazardous for the human stomach. Fishes have the same issue. Formalin is the most used chemical for fishes that do not let them be sterile and look fresh.

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