Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words

Food Adulteration Paragraph 3

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Food Adulteration in 200 words. (For class 8)

Sample Answer 3 (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

The human being cannot live without food. It is essential for health and life. Nevertheless, the food has to be pure, clean, and fresh. Nowadays, foods are often adulterated, especially in hotels and restaurants where rotten foods are combined with fresh food and served to the customers. Chemicals and preservatives poisonous are mixed with seeds and vegetables to make them fresh and new. Bakery and confectionery goods and services are also prepared using toxic substances, and thus, they have been degraded. Waste food contains harmful chemicals. Unethical and greedy business people and shopkeepers for fast and unearned profit degrade all kinds of foods and food articles. Adulterated foods are a severe health hazard and have become an alarming problem in our country. They cause many fatal diseases and also death. Dealing with contaminated food can be a great offense. Public awareness ought to be created so that they become careful about buying foods and food articles. The related branches of the government should stay vigilant against adulteration and increase their actions. The appropriate measures taken by the government are inspiring to remove this issue, punish the criminals and save the people using this dreadful scourge.[stellar]

Sample Answer 3 (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

Human beings need to grow up and survive on earth. However, these foods are being adulterated seriously. That can be a heinous action. There was hardly any food that is not degraded in one way or another. Fruits, Vegetables, seeds, petroleum, milk products, and baby foods are mainly being adulterated daily. Many reasons are responsible for food adulteration. Food and beverage industries utilize poisonous chemicals that contain harmful substances. The prime cause of food adulteration may be the infinite greed of immoral and dishonest businessmen. Human existence is not as valued to their profit. While taking many surveys, it is discovered that many foods are being dangerously adulterated that contain toxic elements like DDT, Aldrin, Formalin, Chlordane. All adulterated foods are harmful to our health and life and could lead to death by causing severe diseases like cancer, kidney failure, liver damage, heart diseases, headache, higher blood pressures. Thus, it is essential to stop adulteration despite taking some suitable measures by our govt. Law enforcement agencies have to be much more active. Mass media and ordinary folks can also play a vital role in removing the problem.[stellar]

Sample Answer 3 (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

Food is an essential thing to lie on this earth. Humankind cannot survive without food. However, food adulteration has become a severe issue today. Vegetables, fruits, oil, fish, milk products, and baby foods- all these are being adulterated each and each day. Generally, the adulterant addition is done intentionally, such as food and beverage industries owners imply toxic substances that contain harmful elements. These contaminated foods contain destructive substances such as Aldrin, DDT, Chlordane, Formalin, which are highly damaging to the health as effectively as the own life. Many life-taking diseases like kidney failure, liver damage, cancer, heart diseases can attack us for taking adulterated food items. Another report indicates that taking adulterated foods also causes dysentery and diarrhea. It is the right time to stop this serious issue. Nowadays, the federal government and the general public are intensely aware of the critical problem. To detect and punish dishonest business people, the government has arranged for mobile. To eradicate this national problem, both the government and the people should work together. Food adulteration is a kind of social offense. At any price, food adulteration demands to be removed in our society.[stellar]

Sample Answer 4 (Food Adulteration Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

Food may be the primary demand for human life. It will help human beings to grow up and ensures to live on earth. So, it is called human fuel. Vegetables, oil, fruits, seeds, mill, dairy food, baby foods, and fast food are being adulterated daily. There are many reasons for food adulteration. Various food and beverage industries use poisonous chemicals to keep food fresh appearance, longer-lasting, and higher profit. The main reason behind food adulteration is the infinite greed of immoral and dishonest businessmen. Human living is not as valued to their profit. Adulterated foods contain harmful substances like DDT, Aldrin, formalin, Chlordane, which cause many serious diseases such as cancer, liver damage, kidney failure, heart diseases, higher blood pressures, headache) All adulterated foods are very detrimental to our health and life. It creates slow poisoning in the body and leads to certain death. Though our government has already taken several positive steps, it is not sufficient. Dishonest people in business ought to be identified and penalized. After all, the govt. Law enforcement agencies, mass media, and ordinary people have to work through a concerted attempt to address the problem.

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