Mobile Phone Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words

Mobile Phone Paragraph 5

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Mobile Phone in 200 words. (For class 8)

Sample Answer (Mobile Phone Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

A mobile phone refers to a telephone that doesn’t have wires. It functions by the radio. One can carry it with oneself and mail it everywhere. It’s a recent scientific innovation. Mobile Phone has generated coruscation all over the world. Besides communicating with the people in distant places, one could send messages, understand time-table, perform the calculation, play games, play and sports, hear music and songs, take snaps, be knowledgeable about a global culture by browsing the web support a mobile phone. For these merits, the prevalence of cellular telephones is proliferating. One can communicate with one’s near and dear persons in remote regions in the twinkling of an eye by using a mobile phone. It conserves our precious time, electricity, and money. One need not go to faraway places to fulfill one’s favored individuals to use mobile phones. The nations of the world are like households in a village with the help of technology. Nevertheless, the mobile phone still has some drawbacks in disguise. Though its price is gradually decreasing, the per-minute bull is not falling. So, all cannot get it. Scientists have lately stated that using mobile phones can induce cancer. In addition, terrorists use it to perform terrorist actions. Nonetheless, the importance of mobile telephones in quick communication is exceptionally terrific.

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