Mobile Phone Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words

Mobile Phone Paragraph 3

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Mobile Phone in 250 words. (For class 9-10)

Sample Answer (Mobile Phone Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

A mobile telephone is a beneficial instrument for us. With no cable, it works just like a phone system. A mobile phone system is changing after a particular time. Call speed, net rate, get up, facilities are changing daily. We could find any news from google within a very brief time via cellular phone. Individuals can communicate at home or abroad through it. We receive information, knowledge, play games, capture video, and audio, and discuss feelings through the mobile phone. In addition, we pay a bill, get cash, send cash via cellular phone. Every equation has the opposite response. So, the mobile telephone has some uncontrollable impact. Our young generation is slowing down due to its overuse, the addiction to the net, and its implications on their childhood. When they need to pass the time through playing in the area, they give the time on a mobile phone. Terrorism, crime, lousy addiction, pornography, etc., are increasing day by day. A mobile phone is a great blessing for human beings. Every time, it is changing and upgrading. We come closer to each other. With rising internet speed, phone bills are also increasing. To prevent cash and time wastage behind the mobile telephone, we should care for its use and misuse. To find a peaceful world, we ought to use a mobile phone in the right way.

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Sample Answer (Mobile Phone Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

The cell phone is an excellent invention for information technology. It’s a cordless phone by which we can communicate and talk to others in the shortest possible time. Before the cell phone was devised, sharing and the messaging system proved very hard. But the cell phone has lessened the space of earth. Everybody can keep it with him because of its small size. Thus, it has turned the planet into a global village. It is a practical and intriguing matter nowadays messaging, and the net system was added to it. With a cell phone set, one can take photographs, browse the web, watch video films, manage planet files, and so forth. An ultra-modern mobile phone is admittedly a mini-computer. These factors have made it popular amongst the users. Although it was a sign of aristocracy in the past, today, it is located in everybody’s hands in our country. Grameenphone, Citycell, Robi, Banglalink, Teletalk, Airtel, and other cell phone companies offer us this support. However, with all the virtues, a cell telephone has some demerits too. It’s dangerous to our health. It hurts our minds when we speak. The excess use of cellular phones frequently causes fatal diseases like brain cancer, tumors, etc. Therefore, we should know about using it. But we can say it has made our life peaceful and comfortable. Even though it has a few demerits, it is truly a blessing for modern life.

Sample Answer (Mobile Phone Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

Mobile Phone Paragraph 2

The mobile telephone is one of the most valuable inventions of modern science. It’s added a new dimension to our daily life and the communication system. It’s a cell phone system that operates with no cable. We could move the mobile phone quickly and fast from place to place. Throughout the mobile phone, we can send messages to distant locations, utilize the world wide web, play games, and sports, learn about time, solve calculations, and be aware of different information and views. At present, the popularity of the cell phone is increasing day by day. The price of a mobile phone is also diminishing compared to before. Many cell phone companies are encouraging folks to get a mobile phone set at a less expensive rate. However, with the signature of science & technology, the entire world seems to be a village. At a single minute, we’re using cellular to communicate with all the people residing in remote places. Even though it has numerous advantages, the cell phone still has some downsides in disguise. On the other hand, the price of the cell phone is diminishing daily. Nevertheless, the per-minute bill isn’t decreasing at all. So everybody cannot possess it. Scientists have recently found that a cell phone can cause cancer to users. Anyway, the cell phone has become a fashion with young people nowadays. Last but not least, terrorists are using it to distribute terrorism all over the world. However, despite all of these disadvantages, the Mobile phone has numerous benefits. The requirement of a cell telephone cannot be described in words. We use it every now for exchanging messages, browsing the internet, calling somebody, etc.

Sample Answer (Mobile Phone Paragraph for Class 9-10 in 250 Words):

Mobile Phone is a device that helps us to interact with people without any link or wire. It is the ultra-modern Model of Radio. Radio came out with the concept of wireless talking and sending a voice message. Nowadays, everybody is using a cell phone in their hands. You’ve one for sure, and I am also becoming you. There is a time when people used a mobile phone as just a device to call or send an email to somebody. But now, it’s a great deal more than just a way of communicates. Smartphones show up with a lot of unique and excellent features that will blow your mind. There are three basic versions Java, Android, and iOS, on your mobile. Java and Symbian are pretty much dead, and today it’s about Android along with iOS. Google owns the Android platform, and you’ll find countless mobile programs or applications available in the Play Store to get Android apparatus. Apple possesses IOS, and its mobiles are known as the iPhone. Their stage is also quite famous; you can locate your essential apps in iTunes. In a calculator into word processing applications, everything is available on mobile devices today. Folks are innovating new programs every day, and those are solving so many difficulties for us. And ultimately, mobile is helping us be wise, learn new things, and remain connected with people. That’s brought opportunities in companies too. People are using the net and being linked with many different people, and building the reach of the business. There are many internet stores and sites where people can purchase their desired products by ordering online and paying online using their cellular devices. The majority of the banks have started online services, with their particular program; you can manage your bank accounts. It’s been easy, accessible, and secure for everyone. A mobile telephone is saving thousands of hours daily. So we can tell that the cell phone is just a boon for humanity. This wonderful creation has taken part in our life as a significantly important tool. Of course, it’s good and bad sides, and we will need to take it as a fantastic side and use it to enhance our lives.

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