The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words

The Life of A Farmer Paragraph 4

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on The Life of A Farmer in 100 words. (For class 6)

Sample Answer 1 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

A farmer is someone who occupies farming as a profession. He might have land, cattle, and agriculture. However, there are a few farmers in our state who have no land of their own. They’re known as landless farmers. He has to work in the field, even in sunlight as well as in the rain. He grows various kinds of crops that produce our food. He also creates fruits and veggies. He is very useful for us by making food that he serves the nation. Although he works hard from morning to evening, he can’t get as much cash to maintain his family. He contributes a miserable life.

Sample Answer 2 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

The Life of A Farmer Paragraph 6

A farmer lives in a village where he grows plants and retains animals. He works very hard and gets up early dawn, and starts to work within the specialty. He chooses his plow and a pair of oxen together with him. He continues to work from morning to evening. For rain, chilly or suns don’t matter much. A farmer leads a straightforward life. He is penniless, resides in hut and sand houses with a low income. His life is dependent upon his property and animals. But all farmers are not poor. Some of them have significant lands and farms. Rains are precious to a farmer and crucial for the increase of suitable plants. A farmer gets joyful if there is rain.

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