The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words

The Life of A Farmer Paragraph 1

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on The Life of A Farmer Paragraph in 150 words. (For class 7)

Sample Answer 1 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

In Bangladesh, a farmer leads a tough life to endure himself. As our country is the agricultural one, it conveys a vital understanding regarding the farmers. A person is a person who owns or manages a plantation. He may be poor or rich. But whatever, perhaps he is to lead an extremely active life. He spends his time functions and works at home or in the fields. If he can afford it, he participates in day laborers to help him in his works. The life of a farmer in our country is filled with uncertainty. Sometimes he passes his time in incredible pleasure when he can produce his crops nicely. Again, he might face hard days if the production of foods fails due to natural calamities. Simply speaking, a farmer in our country experiences both pain and pleasure throughout his lifetime.

Sample Answer 2 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

The individual who works in the form of lands for growing various agricultural products is a farmer. Usually, he resides in a village. A farmer is an essential individual in the country. He produces and gives meals for those of our nation. Thus, we call him the father of food manufacturing. But they are heavily devalued. He gets up in the morning from the mattress. Then he takes a pair of bullocks and plows to nurture his property. He functions hards within his territory. In our nation, farmers lead a very miserable life. However, His face beams with pleasure when he can grow good plants. On the contrary, if he fails to produce, his sorrows know no bounds. Bangladesh is essentially an agricultural nation which prosperity depends on the progression of agriculture. But many farmers in our country live under the poverty level. They live from hand to mouth. That’s the reason why I can’t think about her with no farmer. Therefore, his widespread phase ought to be updated to accomplish his life at a standard level.

Sample Answer 3 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

The Life of A Farmer Paragraph 2

A farmer is a person who does the work of cultivation. He leads a very tragic life, lives from hand to mouth, and hastens his own or other’s property. He’s a tough worker who gets up early in the afternoon. Then he goes into the field with tools, two bulls, and a plow. He works hard to prepare the property for sowing plants. He’s at noon, eats his meal, takes again, and rest goes to the area. The mercy of character determines his pleasure and pain. If he receives many crops, his charms know no boundaries. On the flip side, if the plants are not good, his sorrows know no bounds too. Generally, he resides in a cottage or wooden property. Sometimes, he and his relatives have to starve. His children are deprived of schooling, and the family members are deprived of education, and the members of their household are deprived of amusement and medical centers. Therefore, authorities must give subsidies from the agricultural sector so they can lead an extraordinary life.

Sample Answer 4 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

A farmer is an individual who does farming as a profession. In Bangladesh, life isn’t so good. He inherits a little land. He’s illiterate, does not understand how to plow scientifically, and cannot employ scientific strategy. A farmer lives in a village, grows and keeps animals, and works very hard. He gets up early dawn and begins to operate in the takes his plow and some oxen. He continues to work from morning to eve. To him, rain, chilly, or suns do not matter much. A farmer leads a simple life, lives in hut and sand houses with a meager income. His life Is dependent upon his territory, and all of the farmers are not poor. Some of them have large farms and lands. Rains are significant for a farmer for the rise of suitable plants. A farmer becomes happy when the rainfall.

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