The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words

The Life of A Farmer Paragraph 3

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on The Life of A Farmer Paragraph in 200 words. (For class 8)

Sample Answer 1 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

The individual who does the job of cultivation is known as a farmer. In Bangladesh, the life span of a farmer is not so good. He inherits a tiny property. He’s illiterate and doesn’t know how to plow his land. He can’t apply scientific procedures. He has only a couple of bullocks and a few homemade tools. Frequently he’s insufficient money to buy seeds, fertilizer, or pesticides. As a result, he can not create more food for himself and his loved ones. He can’t make appropriate use of his land. He gets up early in the morning, goes to his land, plows it, sows the seeds and weeds outside. He’s home at the office, eats his meal, takes rest, and again belongs to his territory. He is born poor. Sometimes he chooses loans from money lenders. If he can’t repay the load, he also sells the bit of land. An intruder is left to the mercy of character. He has joys and pains in life. When he receives a great harvest, then his face beams with joy. On the contrary, his sorrows know no bounds when the crops are not good. He and his family lead impoverished life. Though he works hard, he can’t lead a decent life. He cannot raise his head by the anxiety of wants. His life is meant for the struggle of presence.

Sample Answer 2 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

A farmer is a person who does the job of cultivation. He contributes a very tragic life. He lives from hand to mouth. He cultivates his own or other’s property. He is a difficult worker. He gets up in the morning. He then goes into the field with tools, two bulls, and a plow. He works difficult to ready the land for sowing crops. He comes at dusk, eats his meal, rest, and again head to the field. His pain and pleasure depend on the mercy of nature. If he receives many plants, his charms know no boundaries. On the flip side, if the crops are not great, his sorrows know no limits also. Ordinarily, he lives in a cabin or wooden house. Sometimes, he, along with his family members, needs to starve. His kids are deprived of schooling, and also the members of his household are deprived of education, and the members of his family are deprived of amusement and medical centers. Consequently, the government should give subsidies from the agricultural sector so they can lead an extraordinary life.

Sample Answer 3 (The Life of A Farmer Paragraph for Class 8 in 200 Words):

Whoever functions in a field or a farm can be called a farmer. Ordinarily, he resides in a village. He’s a critical man in our nation. His residence is made from corrugated iron sheets or straws, contributes an elementary life, and earns his livelihood by the sweat of his forehead. He goes to his area early in the morning and returns in the evening. He chooses his lunch in the area, nurtures and develops his land with simplistic hand-made tools. He’s happy when he gets many plants. But he gets paid when he harvests. Though he grows his crop with heavy labor, sometimes it is ruined by droughts, floods, or cyclones. Regardless of working hard, he cannot maintain the fundamental needs of the family. Sometimes he lives from hand to mouth. Although the poet and the great men state they are the backbone of our country, they are ignored by mass individuals. They’ve no honor in our culture. However, it’s a fact that a perfect farmer is an advantage to any nation. So we all should respect him and his functions.

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