Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words

Tree Plantation Paragraph 2

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Tree Plantation in 100 words. (For class 6)

Sample Answer 1 (Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

Trees are significant to us to reside in the earth. Tree plantation Keen to planting trees in a place. The tree farm has many advantages for the planet and our health. As a whole, inhale oxygen to reside trees and plants will be the primary feature source of oxygen. Tree farm ensures that the supply of oxygen never ends. Tree plantation additionally urges plants to grow. Birds make their houses in the trees and subsequently adding to the beauty of nature. Birds further scatter pollen and seeds on the floor, resulting in the growth of different plants. Thus, tree plantation extends the bio-diversity of a specific region.

Sample Answer 3 (Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

Tree Plantation Paragraph 6

Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. Trees Are part and parcel of our surroundings. Trees are helpful to people in many ways; they provide us with fruits, foods, drugs, forests, flowers, colors and offer our take on carbon dioxide. They maintain the equilibrium of their surroundings. They protect us from various natural calamities like floods, droughts, storms, cyclones, etc. But people cut down trees and endanger their own lives. Cutting trees down causes severe damage to the soil. It also causes global warming that might bring about a potent cause of sufferings to human beings shortly. Trees are our best friends. Hence, we should be aware of randomly cutting and using trees. Instead, we ought to plant more trees to get a much healthier, happier, and better life.

Sample Answer 3 (Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 6 in 100 Words):

Tree plantation suggests planting trees in an organized fashion. Trees are a significant element of the environment. They’re our buddies. They give us oxygen, take carbon-di-oxide, keep the equilibrium of character, and provide us with food, shade, and shelter. We receive fuel and wood from trees. They save the land from erosion and stop natural calamities. So we shouldn’t cut trees. Instead, we ought to plan a growing number of trees. June and July would be the proper time for planting trees. We can plant trees on the banks of rivers, rivers, and canals, on the roadsides, from the side of rail lines, etc. We ought to preserve the trees that are planted. Public awareness ought to be increased to create the tree plantation program successful.

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