Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words

Tree Plantation Paragraph 5

QUESTION: Write a paragraph on Tree Plantation Paragraph in 150 words. (For class 7)

Sample Answer 1 (Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Today, many trees are brought down by people to construct Roads, homes, fabricating plants, and so on. Trees presume a considerable role in character as they wash the air and provide an oxygen supply. Planting trees won’t only compensate for their reduction, however, also advantage the earth. Trees are the earth’s life-supportive network. They encourage and are vital for life in the world. Aside from giving trees, oxygen also works as an ordinary safeguard against sound pollution. The forests do grow naturally. As it may, today, forests are chopped down at speed more notable than they can develop, which causes irregularity. In contrast, comparatively few trees are made to meet our oxygen source and various needs. Trees are a source of nourishment and shelter for several species, including reptiles and birds. Any location a tree is planted provides a separate lease of life to these species. Trees additionally cause rain and stop floods.

Sample Answer 2 (Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

A tree farm is described when trees have been planted in considerable Amounts to attend forestation is called tree plantation. Trees are an essential part of our life and surroundings. Much like water, we can not live without trees. Trees give us much blessing. Such as we have a breath and reside. On the flip side, trees provide us with shelter and food. Additionally, medication, wood furniture will be the natural talent out of trees. Wild trees’ color and the air are free from contamination and much better than any artificial atmosphere. Trees play an essential function in keeping our heads clean and stay healthy. Without trees or cut down trees create an alarming issue for us. Deforestation, global injury, drought, climate change, soil erosion, natural hazards, etc., are the result of fewer quantities of trees. It is the very best time to improve awareness among the people to overcome this scenario. And take steps to plant a growing number of trees whenever possible.

Sample Answer 3 (Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Tree Plantation Paragraph; Tree farm signifies planting Plants and trees on a large scale. The goal of planting trees is to save the endangered atmosphere. The principal purpose of the tree farm would be to boost the beautify of our life. So, tree bark is essential as it serves natural calamities like drought, stalks, flood, etc. They boost the attractiveness of the character. They give us oxygen and take up carbon dioxide. And so, they maintain ecological balance. With the loss of trees, the land will transform into a desert. So, trees are the most precious asset to a country. The best time for tree plantation is the rainy season. We can plant trees across our house places and in open areas. In addition, we could plant trees on the side of the streets, canals, rivers and playing fields. We ought to raise awareness. Anyway, Govt and NGOs should start more campaigns to inspire people for a tree farm. Thus, we could increase the tree program.

Sample Answer 4 (Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 7 in 150 Words):

Tree plantation means planting trees in a well-planned manner. Typically, it is part of a developer to battle back the environmental pollution internationally. The environment has been polluted every second, and the world ground is already under the threat of the Greenhouse Effect. Tree plantation is the best and easiest means to control the greenhouse impact. Trees play an essential role in maintaining environmental balance. They produce oxygen regulate rainfall and the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They also provide us with food, beverage medication, clothing, and shelter, and so on. Trees supply raw materials for both small and large industries. The climate of Bangladesh is acceptable for tree plantations. We could plant trees on either side of roads and at the: Six space of schools, offices, mosques, and temples. Trees assist us in various ways, so we must devote ourselves to tree plantations.

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